Most Common Toilet Problems

November 27, 2020 Roman Misan 1 comment

The toilet room is one of the most intimate rooms in our homes and the toilet itself an indispensable fixture that we always want working perfectly. What most people do not know is how easy it is for a toilet issue to occur. Many different factors affect the good functioning of your toilets such as the level of the tank water, the speed of the water, the amount of water in the bowl, and the air pressure in the system. It only takes one of these … not working properly to make your toilet unusable.

My Toilet is clogged

A clogged toilet is one of the most common problems people face with their toilet. It is usually due to objects stuck in the drain or pipes. To know if you have a clogged toilet, pour a 10-liter bucket of water into the bowl. If the water does not go down in a few seconds, you have a clogged toilet. To solve the problem, you have to use an auger. Push the auger into your toilet and spin to break up the blockage. Make sure that there is a rubber sleeve around the cable of the auger so as not to damage the porcelain of your toilet. After using the auger, try to flush the toilet again at least three times. If the water still doesn’t go down immediately then you have a problem with your pipes and you will need the help of a professional plumber. 

Flushing jets are weak.

Does your toilet jet have issues evacuating objects into the pipes? This is usually due to something blocking the jets or the rim that prevents water flow. There is no easy fix to this problem and usually, the best thing to do is to have your toilet replaced.

Tank and Bowl Filling Problems.

A fill valve that does not function properly prevents your toilet from flushing every time. If you have flushing issues and you want to know if the problem comes from the fill valve, try to remove the small 1/8 inch plastic tube that goes above the water level and see if there is a fast stream of water refilling the bowl. The solution to this issue is valve replacement. 

Another problem you might encounter with your toilet is a tank that does not get enough water to flush properly. This is often due to a faulty flapper that does not stay floating long enough which prevents water from reaching the bowl when you flush. Replacing the flapper is the only way to fix this problem. 

Call us If You need any help.

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