Clogged toilet

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Clogged Toilet is an issue that we have all faced at least once in our lives and usually, a plunger is all we need to solve the problem. However, there are circumstances when even the best plunger and your best skills are inefficient, and instead of fixing your clog problem worsen it. Persisting and unsuccessful attempts to unclog your toilet is a sign that you need professional help and here at Top-Sewer, we have the experts and equipment to get you out of this frustrating situation.

What causes a toilet clog?

Most of the time the flushing and accumulation of harmful objects such as diapers, baby wipes, cigarette butts, and tampons in toilets are the reasons they clog. Clogs due to these foreign objects can be easily prevented but also difficult to fix. Another cause of toilet clogs is plant roots that find their way to your pipes and damage them. If you notice that your drains back up it might be because of root damages. You will find at Top-Sewer the best solution to your clogging problem.

Get professional and affordable plumbing services.

A clogged toilet is an issue our experts solve in a matter of minutes. Our certified plumbers have in their service trucks all the necessary tools and equipment to perform their services. We will always provide you with on-time and reliable services and make sure that everything is working right before leaving.

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