Gas Detection Services

Gas Detection Services by Top Sewer

Gas leaks are issues that you should be very careful and sensible about. They can cause fire hazards and are also very toxic to people and animals at home. At Top-Sewer, we offer gas leak detection services. We are a certified company with an experienced team of gas engineers and we will use our experience to provide you with quality gas leak detection and gas line repair services.

Signs you have a gas leak.

  •  An unpleasant smell similar to rotten eggs
  •  Home plants that die unexpectedly
  • A hissing sound coming from gas appliances
  • Sudden health issues such as dizziness, respiratory problems, or nausea
  • Dying outdoor plants caused by leaks in an underground pipe.
  • Moist soil quickly dries.

What To Do When You Suspect A Gas Leak.

The moment you notice that you might have a gas leak is to have all the people in the house move out. Do not turn on any electrical device and do not use your phone. Make sure that all electronics in your home are off. When you are at safe distance, contact Top-Sewer for an emergency gas leak service and we will send a technician immediately.

 Call Us For Safe and Reliable Gas Leak Detection Services.

Top-Sewer’s experts are trained, qualified, and licensed technicians who will accurately and methodically take care of your gas problems. They work with state of the art tools and equipment and make sure that every home in which they perform their services are safe before leaving. Your security and comfort are our top priority and we make sure that our services get you that. 

Call us at (833) 222-6852 to schedule an appointment with an expert technician. We provide emergency gas detection services 24/7, from Monday to Sunday, including holidays. So do not hesitate to call, our customer service representatives are always available and happy to help. Call now.

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