Sewer line replacement

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A sewer line that breaks or backs up is one of the most dreadful experiences a homeowner can face. The mess and terrible smell that covers the place when that happens is difficult to fix. That is why it is highly recommended to call an expert when you are facing sewer line issues. At Top-Sewer, we offer our customers professional sewer replacement services and we guarantee you perfect workmanship and 100% satisfaction.

What Causes Your Sewer Line to break?

Tree Roots: Tree roots are the most common cause of sewer line damage. Since sewer lines carry liquid, tree roots are attracted to them and end up wrapping themselves around the pipes which causes them to break.

Corroded Pipes: Corrosion in pipes is more frequent than one will think. This happens due to the high amount of calcium and magnesium in the pipes. The more a corroded pipe goes without being treated the more the chances they will break.

Clogged Pipes: Clogged pipes are usually a result of stocked debris and foreign objects. They end up there when we flush trash like paper towels or hygiene products which cannot be properly disintegrated.

Frozen Pipes: During extreme temperatures, frozen pipes can break due to ice build-up. Frozen pipe bursting is difficult to prevent but can be fixed easily by qualified experts

Signs That You Have A Sewer Problem.

Foul smell coming out of the canalization.
Slow draining and backups
You experience leaking water.
Mold on walls and ceilings
Rough sounds when draining

Take Advantage Of Our Professional Sewage Replacement Service.

If you have any trouble with your sewer line, contact us for a sewage replacement service. We work with experienced and licensed experts who will get your sewage system replaced quickly and efficiently. To hire our experts call us immediately at (833) 222-6852. Our customer service is available 24/7, every day including weekends and holidays to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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