Easy Ways To Unclog Your Shower Drain

November 27, 2020 Roman Misan

When doing dishes or taking a shower we let waste go through our drains and hope that they will flow through and end up in the city water system. However, it sometimes happens that the accumulation of debris in the drain causes it to clog. In a kitchen, the garbage disposal usually gets the problem solved. When your kitchen drain is clogged, turning on the garbage disposal often gets the problem fixed. Unfortunately, things do not work the same in the shower. When your shower drain gets clogged, there is no garbage disposal to help you get the water flowing down. But there are other solutions as effective as a garbage disposal that can help and we will go through some of these effective methods together.

The Magic Coat Hangers.

When you have a shower drain clog, a coat hanger can come in really handy especially if you use it right. The steps to unclogging your drain using a coat hanger are pretty easy to perform. All you will need is a straightened coat hanger and a screw (optional). The first thing to do when you want to unclog your drain using a coat hanger is to shape the end of the coat hanger into a small hook. Then pass the hook through the drain to take out the hair stuck in there. If you have not tried to unclog your drain for a long time it is advised to unscrew the drain before using the hanger. The coat hanger unclogging solution is easy, fast, and cheap to perform and it can be done as many times as possible without you damaging your drains and pipes.

Drains Enjoy Hot Water.

Pouring boiled water in the drain is one of the easiest ways to unclog the drain. Boiled water does not usually require any additional supplies to clear up the drain. All you need to do is to boil water and slowly pour it into the drain and the work is done.

The Chemical Strength Of Baking Soda And Vinegar.

If you have ever seen the reaction baking soda and vinegar have when mixed then you know the effect they could have on your clogged drain. There are two ways of using baking soda and vinegar to unclog the drain and that is by mixing them together or applying them separately. When using the baking soda and vinegar unclogging technique make sure that you use the same quantity of each ingredient (½ a teacup). Mix them before pouring or pouring the baking soda first in the drain before the vinegar will have exactly the same effect so you can choose what best works for you. After pouring the ingredients into your drain, pour hot water to let the mixture sip into the drain. The hot water will help clean up the grease and flush down all the dirt accumulated in the drain.

Let’s not forget the dish detergent.

Dish detergent is another efficient way to get your shower drain unclogged because of the lubricant effect it has. If you choose to use a dish detergent to unclog your drain make sure you use a thick detergent. Pour 1/4 cup of your dish detergent down the drain and use hot water to rinse the drain and push down hair and other debris that was stuck in there.

If all these methods do not help to get your drain unclogged, then the problem with your drain might be a little more serious. In this case, it is better to get help from a professional plumber. We at Top-Sewer have trained and well-equipped technicians who will provide you with excellent and affordable plumbing services. Call us whenever you need professional help and we will take care of your clogged drain issue.