Factors That Cause Water Heater Leaking

July 28, 2022 Roman Misan

Like any other fixture, a water heater tends to have some issues, such as water heater leaking, which could happen over time and prevent them from functioning properly. Read more about the reason behind the issue and what to do when you face the situation.

Leaks in a fixture like a water heater can lead to water damage, and this would cost a lot to repair the damage to the area where your water heater is located and not only that, the lack of hot water when you need it. It is crucial to immediately take action whenever you notice that you have a water heater leaking problem. 

Several factors can cause the water heater to leak. Regardless of the possible reason, it is highly recommended to contact a licensed plumber to look at the issue and fix the leak or possibly replace the fixture altogether.

  • Broken Drain Valves: This causes water leaks from the bottom of the tank. You can fix it by replacing the broken drain valve.
  • Corrosion: Sediment buildup can cause corrosion in the water heater tank, cracking, and holes in the bottom of the tank. When this happens, it is usually time for the water heater replacement. The descaling water heater can help to prevent the buildup.
  • Loose Water Line Connections: Normal wear and tear can loosen the inlet or outlet water lines, which causes leaks. This issue is rectified by tightening or replacing the loose or worn water lines.
  • Broken Temperature/ Pressure Valves: These valves monitor and regulate the temperature and pressure inside the water heater. When they break, it can cause the water heater to leak from the sides of the tank.
  • Old Tank: If your water heater’s tank is more than 15 years old, even if it has routine maintenance, it has already reached its mark. Over time, its components weaken, thus causing the leaks to happen often. Considering finding out tankless water heater cost may be an alternate option.

What Should I Do When My Water Heater Leaks?

If you notice the water heater leaking, here are the three things that you should do:

1. Cut The Power: This is the first important thing to do when you find a hot water leak. Turn off the energy source that leads to:

  • Gas Water Heater: Locate the thermostat. The device has a little knob with three settings: ON, OFF, and PILOT. Switch it OFF or PILOT to shut off the gas and ensure the heater is safe.
  • Electric Water Heater: Go to your home’s panel and find the breaker labeled for the Water Heater. Please turn it off to cut the power to the unit.

2. Shut off the Water: Turn off the water by locating the cold water line that leads to the water heater. There should be a valve on the line. Turn it in the right direction until it closes. This will ensure to cut the water supply and allow you to move on to the next step.

3. Locate The Leak Source: You will also need to check the other parts and components of the water heater for the possible leak source. Regardless of what you may find, it is best to let professional plumbing like Top Sewer handle the situation. Do note that if you are experiencing a water heater leaking from the bottom, this must be addressed promptly. Working with a professional can help you control the water heater replacement cost.

How Can I Prevent Water Heater Leaking?

Before finding out about the water heater replacement cost or what will the water heater replacement cost in Los Angeles be, there are different ways that you can do to prevent water heater leaking. Like with other plumbing issues, water heaters are less likely to be a cause if there’s proper preventive care. 

Use the following preventive measures to keep the leaks from damaging your home. This will ensure your water heater stays leak free for as long as possible.

  • Quick Response: It is always important to respond to water heater leaks as quickly as possible. This is to minimize water damage to your property and prevent further issues. Locate the leak and immediately call a licensed plumber. This will help further decrease the time the leak has to create severe damage. You can always call for the pros for a transparent water heater replacement cost in Lost Angeles
  • Drain and Clean The Tank: Drain the tank semi-regularly to help clean away sediments. The longer the sediments sit at the bottom of the tank, the will lead to crack. The drain valve empties the water, which allows you to clean it. You can use bleach-water solutions to kill mold and mildew and to improve water quality.
  • Frequently Check the Water Heater: Always have time to check your water heater’s condition. Knowing how it looks and acts when it is in operation, you can find when the problems happen. In most cases, you can see a leak immediately due to the puddles of water from under and around the fixture.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Your local plumber always performs annual maintenance to check and keep your water heater in good condition. During the visit, they will check all aspects of your home’s plumbing to ensure no problems are around. This includes the leak check. If there’s any potential leak, they will take care of them. If any active leak is detected, the plumber will let you know and advise you on how to handle the situation.

Tighten Any Loose Parts: Lastly, always tighten the loose parts of your water heater as soon as possible. It is important to check the connections often to decrease the chance of leaks. 

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